Live Band Karaoke Karat - Now Rocking the Heart of Tokyo's Ginza!

Welcome to Karat, your destination for live band karaoke!
At Karat, we blend the excitement of live music with the thrill of karaoke, all set within the refined ambiance of a sophisticated restaurant. Step into a world where luxury meets liveliness — a perfect setting to sing, sip, and socialize.
If regular karaoke doesn't quite cut it for you anymore, join us for an evening that promises a harmonious blend of exhilaration and elegance.

Live impromptu performances for any song!
Our band members are adept at improvising music across all genres, creating a karaoke experience unlike anything you've encountered before!

Located in the heart of Ginza with excellent accessibility!
Our establishment is situated right in the center of Ginza's bustling district, a mere 5-minute walk from both JR Shinbashi Station and Tokyo Metro Ginza Station, offering an exceptionally accessible location!

Spacious venue accommodating up to 50 guests for private events!
Our expansive and lavishly unique decor creates an adult ambiance, making it the ideal space for an extraordinary and special experience!

How to enjoy Karat

Step 1: Song Reservation

Just like regular karaoke, select your favorite song using the digital song selector (remote control) at your table and send your reservation with anticipation. Once you've booked your song, you can either join in the fun with other guests or quietly wait for your turn with a drink in hand.

Step 2: Onto the Stage!

When your song is up, head straight to the stage. As you make your way, the backup band begins playing live, accompanying the karaoke sound system. No matter how nervous you are, there's no turning back – it's time to sing. Even if you make mistakes or feel embarrassed, just let go and sing your heart out.

Step 3: The Finale

The ending of the song, a roar of applause, and a feeling of ecstasy! You're now one of the addicted. Afterward, you can either savor the moment with a strong drink or get ready for your next song by grabbing the remote control. Enjoy your time however you wish.